The Breckenridge Ski Resort mountain is the biggest draw for winter-time visitors to the beautiful little mountain town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  The great powder and vast terrain attracts those who want to ski or snowboard from all over the world and even those who have never skied but want to give it a try.  For first-time skiers or riders, ski or snowboard lessons are highly recommended and will greatly increase the odds for fun and success.

Every skier or snowboarder was brand new to the sport at one time in their life.  For those who have never experienced the sport first hand, it might appear fairly easy to glide down the hill on skis or board, whisking past the trees, powder flying in the air……..or it might seem totally crazy locked in to two sticks heading straight for death at top speed down a steep mountain!

While there are always the natural athletic types who pick up any sport as if they’ve been doing it since birth, most humans have to submit themselves to stepping out of their comfort zones and taking on the task of a learning curve….before they can zip down the mountain looking like the pro we all want to be.

So what is the best way to even begin to tackle that learning curve?  No doubt, the answer is ski or snowboard lessons with an experienced instructor.  Someone who can patiently guide you through every step of the process from locking in skis or boots, to maneuvering flat ground with equipment on, to loading and unloading the chairlift, and then finally tips on techniques for getting down the hill safely.

Depending on the group dynamics and individual budgets, first time skiers in Breckenridge have options for ski lessons, one of which we consider to be a Summit County best-kept secret, but this article is going to share that secret with you- keep reading! 

breckenridge summit county colorado tips for first time skiers

Oftentimes in families or groups, some members have mountain experience while others are brand new or maybe need more practice.  The Breckenridge ski school is a great option for such scenarios since ski school participants can be dropped off at the school ski bases on either Peak 8 or Peak 9, while the others who are ready can head out on their own, and every one is still at the same place to meet up at the end of the day. The drawback, of course, for lessons at the big resort is easy to see once you take a look at the prices. Add those numbers to the cost of lift tickets and rentals and it might seem impossible for many families of first-time skiers to ever give the sport a try.  This is where that best-kept secret comes in…

Just 8 miles north of Breckenridge on Highway 9, is the small but mighty Frisco Adventure Park.  Most Breckenridge visitors will drive right past it on the way into Breckenridge on Highway 9.  The tubing hill is the most popular and visible portion of the park, but on the other side of the magic carpet is the gentle, intimidation-free Frisco Adventure Park Ski & Ride Hill.

The Frisco Adventure Park Ski & Ride Hill is accessed via a magic carpet.  It has two wide trails with gentle descents and is uncrowded, even on holiday weekends.  There are no overhead ski lifts with onlookers from above.  The lodge is so close that trips to the bathroom, snacks, or warming-up breaks can be done frequently without a big hassle.

Kids 4 and under can ski free on the Ski & Ride Hill with an adult who has purchased a ticket ($35).  Kids ages 8 and older and adults can take a 2-hour lesson from a Copper Mountain professional ski instructor in a very small and intimate group allowing for one-on-one instruction and confidence building.  For only $89, the ski lesson includes an all-day lift pass for the magic carpet so countless more practice runs can be made after the lesson is over.  Rentals are not included, but are available in Breckenridge or Frisco.  The close-in parking makes getting that rented equipment from car to the hill an easier process as well.

The opening date for the Frisco Ski/Ride Hill is weather dependent each season.  The hill will be open seven days a week to dusk most days weather dependent.  Reservations are required for ski or ride lessons.

Don’t think because it’s small, there won’t be great photo ops.  The views from atop the Ski & Ride Hill are beautiful overlooking the town of Frisco and the southern tip of the Gore Range.

Whether you want to go big or small, ski lessons at both Breckenridge Ski Resort and Frisco Adventure Park are the way to go for first-time skiers.

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