Quick answers to common questions.
A: Reservations can typically be made online through our website or by contacting our booking team directly via phone or email.
A: Our cancellation policy varies depending on the property and the time of year. Please refer to the specific property’s terms and conditions for details. Generally, cancellations made within a certain timeframe may incur a fee, while others may offer full refunds up to a certain date.
A: Our rentals typically include amenities such as linens, towels, kitchen appliances, and basic toiletries. Specific amenities vary by property, so please check the listing or contact us for details.
A: Yes, there is usually a minimum stay requirement, especially during peak seasons or holidays. This requirement varies depending on the property and time of year.
A: Some of our properties are pet-friendly, while others are not. Please check the property’s pet policy or contact us to inquire about bringing your pet along.
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